Avatar The Last Airbender Funny Ideas for Today ~ 2021

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AI MYA ✨kinda hiatus 😭😭😭 on Twitter


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Zuko made the smart call

Zuko he was too quiet

Ss @zukoluvrs tiny toph cheering for zuko w her cute drawing gives me so much serotonin - )


Team Avatar in shambles




My mind still trying to fathom how Mai and Aang get along it seems to me that Mai dislikes boredom and insincerity, and Aang is very sincere and fun Mai's best friend is TY LEE, the bubbliest character in the show. Of course she'd like Aang. wait but i love the idea of sokka failing miserably to make mai laugh but then aang just sneezes and goes flying backwards or some s_ t and she just loses it Mai also loves Zuko, and Aang is very close with Zuko, so I think she appreciates that. avatarwindboy Also Aang saved her baby brother It's all very sweet really - )

suko edit

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The Last Airbender • r/TheLastAirbender


It's still interesting tho


Avatar boys

Avatar Randomness - Memes #2

Avatar and Recreation by kkachi95 on DeviantArt


Fire Lords must have a Z in their name


Avatar Randomness - Memes #2

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